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Regeneration trilogy

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Regeneration, first American editionFirst U.S. edition, 1992
By Pat Barker
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Regeneration, 1991

The Eye in the Door, 1993

The Ghost Road, 1995

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Literary, historical fiction

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3 novels; Regeneration novel: approx. 66,000 words

Notable lines

I am making this statement as an act of wilful defiance of military authority, because I believe the war is being deliberately prolonged by those who have the power to end it.

— First line, Regeneration

Men said they didn't tell their women about France because they didn't want to worry them. but it was more than that. He needed her ignorance to hide in. Yet, at the same time, he wanted to know and be known as deeply as possible. And the two desires were irreconcilable.


"Oh, I shouldn't worry about that," Rivers said. "Half the world's work's done by hopeless neurotics." This was accompanied by an involuntary glance at his desk.

The Eye in the Door

"We are Craiglockhart's success stories. Look at us. We don't remember, we don't feel, we don't think—at least beyond the confines of what's needed to do the job. By any proper civilized standard (but what does that mean now?) we are objects of horror. But our nerves are completely steady. And we are still alive."

The Ghost Road

"There'll always be an England," he told him and ran, laughing, down the steps.

— Last line, The Eye in the Door

A long moment, and then the brown face, with its streaks of lime, faded into the light of the daytime ward.

— Last line, The Ghost Road


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