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A Man in Full

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United States

Approx. 370,000 words

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Charlie Croker, astride his favorite Tennessee walking horse, pulled his shoulders back to make sure he was erect in the saddle and took a deep breath ... Ahhhh, that was the ticket ... He loved the way his mighty chest rose and fell beneath his khaki shirt and imagined that everyone in the hunting party noticed how powerfully built he was.

— First lines

Your first wife married you for better or worse. Your second wife, particularly if you were sixty and she was a twenty-eight-year-old number like Serena—why kid yourself?—she married you for better.


One of the few freedoms we have as human beings that cannot be taken away from us is the freedom to assent to what is true and deny what is false. Nothing you can give me is worth surrendering that freedom for.


You think if only you can acquire enough worldly goods, enough recognition, enough eminence, you will be free, there'll be nothing more to worry about, and instead you become a bigger and bigger slave to how you think others are judging you.


"Oh, don't worry," said the man of the world. "I'll be back."

— Last lines


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