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The Left Hand of Darkness

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Left Hand of Darkness first editionFirst edition

The Left Hand of Darkness

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First publication

Literary form

Science fiction

Writing language

Author's country
United States

Approx. 92,000 words

Notable lines

I first heard of Ántonia on what seemed to me an interminable journey across the great midland plain of North America.

— First lines

"Now they are all gone and I can kiss you as much as I like."


I used to wish I could have this flattering dream about Ántonia, but I never did.


"My father, he went much to school. He know a great deal; how to make the fine cloth like what you not got here. He play horn and violin, and he read so many books that the priests in Bohemia come to talk to him. You won't forget my father, Jim?"


Now I understood that the same road was to bring us together again. Whatever we had missed, we possessed together the precious, the incommunicable past.

— Last lines


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