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Kidnapped, 1913 edition1913 edition
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First publication
1886 in Young Folks magazine

First book publication
1886, England

Literature form

Literary, historical fiction, adventure, youth

Writing language

Author's country

Approx. 88,000 words

Notable lines

I will begin the story of my adventures with a certain morning early in the month of June, the year of grace 1751, when I took the key for the last time out of the door of my father's house.

— First line

"Blood built it; blood stopped the building of it; blood shall bring it down."


"So?" said the gentleman in the fine coat: "are ye of the honest party?" (meaning, Was he a Jacobite? for each side, in these sort of civil broils, takes the name of honesty for its own).


"Can you swear that you don't know him, Alan?" I cried, half angered, half in mind to laugh at his evasions.
"Not yet," says he; "But I've got a grand memory for forgetting, David."


"Them that havenae dipped their hands in any little difficulty, should be very mindful of the case of them that have. And that is the good Christianity."


I have seen wicked men and fools, a great many of both; and I believe they both get paid in the end; but the fools first.


The hand of Providence brought me in my drifting to the very doors of the British Linen Company's bank.

— Last line


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