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When I was little I would think of ways to kill my daddy. I would figure out this or that way and run it down through my head until it got easy.

The way I liked best was letting go a poisonous spider in his bed. It would bite him and he'd be dead and swollen up and I would shudder to find him so. Of course I would call the rescue squad and tell them to come quick something's the matter with my daddy.

— First lines

I am not able to fall asleep without reading. You have the time when your brain has nothing to do so it rambles. I fool my brain out of that by making it read until it shuts off.


So many folks thinking and wanting you to be somebody else will confuse you if you are not careful.


Nobody but a handful of folks I know pays attention to rules about how you treat somebody anyway.


And all this time I thought I had the hardest row to hoe.

That will always amaze me.

— Last lines


Critique • Quotes

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