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The Doctor's Son and Other Stories

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The Doctor's Son and Other StoriesFirst edition
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My father came home at four o'clock one morning in the fall of 1918, and plumped down on a couch in the living room.

— First line, "The Doctor's Son"

The place where everyone would end up before going home was Price's.

— First line, "Price's Always Open"

My father got out of the car, walked to the front of it, and in the middle of a fairly busy intersection he took a crack at the policeman and broke his jaw. Then he got back and drove around the unconscious policeman and on to the confinement case.... But my father was a staunch Republican and he got away with it.

— "The Doctor's Son"

There was all the time in the world, too much of it, for him. He knew it would be hours before he would begin to hate himself. For a while he would just sit there and plan his own terror.

— Last line, "Over the River and Through the Wood"


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