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The Bourgeois Gentleman

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Frontispiece 1682Frontispiece illustration, 1982 edition
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Original title
Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme

Also known as
The Would-be Gentleman; The Middle-Class Gentleman; The Tradesman; The Shopkeeper Turned Gentleman

First performed

First book publication

Literary form

Comedy-ballet, satire

Writing language

Author's country

Five acts, approx. 26,000 words

Notable lines

This way, come in here and rest while you're waiting for him.

— First line

By my faith! For more than forty years I have been speaking prose without knowing anything about it, and I am much obliged to you for having taught me that.


Ah! What a fine thing it is to know something!


Pure praises do not provide a comfortable existence; it is necessary to add something solid, and the best way to praise is to praise with cash-in-hand.


All the troubles, all the wars one sees in the world happen only because people have not learned music.


Madame, it is a very great honor to me to be fortunate enough to be so happy as to have the joy that you should have had the goodness to accord me the graciousness of doing me the honor of honoring me with the favor of your presence; and, if I also had the merit to merit a merit such as yours, and if Heaven...envious of my luck...should have accorded me...the advantage of seeing me worthy...of the...


Him, a tradesman! It's pure slander, he never was one. All that he did was to be very obliging, very ready to help; and, since he was a connoisseur in cloth, he went all over to choose them, had them brought to his house, and gave them to his friends for money.


If one can find a greater fool, I'll go to Rome to tell it.

— Last line


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