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The Greatest Literature by Country or Region

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Recently we began the long process of adapting and expanding our extensive research for the Greatest Literature of All Time to select the most acclaimed works from specific nationalities and areas.

In addition to re-using our hundreds of sources that helped create the Greatest Literature list, we have sought additional sources—popular, critical and scholarly—focusing on local literature. Our goal, in the case of each country or region, is to come up with the most compehensive listing of interest to both local readers and an open-minded global readership.

As with our initial Greatest list, preference is given to major works of creative literature—novels, novellas, epic poems, plays, and collections of short stories or poetry—though some important briefer works have also been included.

So far, of the country-based lists in progress, eight have been launched:

The Greatest American Literature

Covering authors and publications from the United States.

The Greatest Canadian Literature

Comprising authors and publications from Canada.

The Greatest English Literature

Covering authors and publications from England.

The Greatest French Literature

Covering authors and publications from France.

The Greatest German Literature

Covering authors and publications from Germany.

The Greatest Latin American Literature

Including the authors and publications of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and other countries of Latin America.

The Greatest Russian Literature

Comprising works and authors from Russia.

The Greatest South Asian Literature

Including the greatest authors and publications of India, Pakistan, Bengal, Sri Lanka and other countries of South Asia.

More to come.