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Norman O. Brown translation1980 translation
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First publication
c.700 BCE

Literature form


Writing language
Ancient Greek

Author's country

Approx. 1,260 lines

Notable lines

With the Heliconian muses let us start
Our song...

— First lines

The genitals, cut off with adamant
And thrown from land into the stormy sea,
Were carried for a long time on the waves.
White foam surrounded the foamy flesh,
And in it grew a girl.

— trans. Wender

The married man
Who gets a good wife, suited to his taste,
Gets good and evil mixed, but he who gets
One of the deadly sort, lives all his life
With never-ending pain inside his heart
And on his mind; the wound cannot be healed.

— trans. Wender

Last line

Now sing of women, Muses, you sweet-voiced
Olympian daughters of aegis-bearing Zeus.

— Last lines


Critique • Quotes