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The Quincunx

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The QuincunxFirst edition
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Also known as
The Quincunx: The Inheritance of John Huffam

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Literary, parody

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Approx. 520,000 words

Notable lines

It must have been in autumn of that year, and probably it was towards dusk for the sake of being less conspicuous. And yet a meeting between two professional gentlemen representing the chief branches of the law should surely not need to be concealed.

— First lines

""Extraordinary as it seems, it was mere coincidence that brought you to our door. It's the sort of thing that you expect to find only in a novel — and only when you know the author has been too idle to work it out any better.""


"There is only one way for you to be completely safe," Henrietta said to me. "You must die."


We are all threads woven into the tapestry of time.


At my last sight of her, she was still standing motionless holding her hands crossed in front of her in the centre of the square of trees beside the dead stump where Miss Lydia's lover had died by my grandfather's sword.

— Last line


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