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The Galton Case

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The Galton Case first editionFirst edition
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First publication

Literary form

Mystery, crime

Writing language

Author's country
United States

Approx. 84,000 words

Notable lines

The law offices of Wellesley and Sable were over a savings bank on the main street of Santa Teresa. Their private elevator lifted you from a bare little lobby into an atmosphere of elegant simplicity. It created the impression that after years of struggle you were rising effortlessly to your natural level, one of the chosen.

— First lines

The bright speck stood like a nail in my brain. It wouldn't let me let go of the room. I curse it, but it wouldn't go away. It wrote little luminous remarks on the red pounding darkness. This is it. You take a stand.

Then it was a light surging away from me like the light of a ship. I swam for it, but it rose away, hung in the dark heaven still as a star. I let go of the pounding room, and swung from it up and over the black mountain.

...I came to early next morning in the accident ward of the Reno hospital.


John turned his head to listen. Even the dead men seemed to be listening.

— Last line


Critique • Quotes

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