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Lord Jim

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Under Western EyesFirst edition, 1900
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He was an inch, perhaps two, under six feet, powerfully built, and he advanced straight at you with a slight stoop of the shoulders, head forward, and a fixed from-under stare which made you think of a charging bull.

— First line

They wanted facts. Facts! They demanded facts from him, as if facts could explain anything!


There is a weird power in a spoken word.


It is my belief no man ever understands quite his own artful dodges to escape from the grim shadow of self knowledge.


Youth is insolent ; it is its right—its necessity; it has got to assert itself, and all assertion in this world of doubts is a defiance, is an insolence.


'He feels it himself, and says often that he is "preparing to leave all this; preparing to leave..." while he waves his hand sadly at his butterflies.'

— Last line


Critique • Quotes

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