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Neutron Star

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Neutron Star first paperback coverFirst paperback edition, 1968
By Larry Niven
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First publication
1966, serialized in magazine Worlds of If

First book publication
1968, in collection Neutron Star

Literature form

Science fiction

Writing language

Author's country
United States

Approx. 6,500 words

Notable lines

The Skydiver dropped out of hypersapce an even million miles above the neutron star.

— First line

How did I get myself into this hole?


All I'd done was walk into a drugstore to get a new battery for my lighter.


A puppeteer is unique. Imagine a headless, three-legged centaur wearing two Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent puppets on its arms, and you'll have something like the right picture. But the arms are weaving necks, and the puppets are real heads, flat and brainless, with wide flexible lips. The brain is under a bony hump set between the bases of its necks.


"A million stars? I'd be fascinated, I'll even sign a contract if it states what we're hiding. How do you like being blackmailed for a change?"

— Last lines


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