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Who Do You Think You Are? first editionCollection, first edition
By Alice Munro
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First publication in book
1978 in Who Do You Think You Are?

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Approx. 12,000 words

Notable lines

Patrick Blatchford was in love with Rose. This had become a fixed, even furious, idea with him. For her, a continual surprise.

— First lines

For all her doubts about him, she never wanted him to fall out of love with her.


But he seldom joked with her; he didn’t think joking was suitable when you were in love.


Sometimes when Rose was talking to someone in front of the television cameras she could sense the desire in them to make a face.


How could anybody hate Rose so much, at the very moment when she was ready to come forward with her good will, her smiling confession of exhaustion, her air of diffident faith in civilized overtures?


Oh, Patrick could. Patrick could.

— Last lines


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