Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Have you read every book on the list?

Of course not. Nobody has. At least nobody who has a life. (Yes, I'm sorry but it's true, books are not really life. An important part of life, but not all of life.)

I've read just over half of them. And I'm working on the rest.

Plus other books by the same authors.

Plus books by authors who may be great but whose books don't make the greatest-ever list.

Plus a whole lot of books by authors who aren't particularly great at all but that I just enjoy reading.

At my current rate, I will have checked off all the books on the list if I live to be about 120. By which time, of course, there will be many more new and old books on the list. So it's a hopeless task for a perfectionist.

As a far-from-perfectionist, I hope to complete my reading of the great majority of the books (seventy, eighty percent?) in my lifetime, always having many great books left to look forward to.

That itself could keep me alive. .


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