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Grimm's Fairy Tales

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Grimm's Fairy Tales, American edition, 1898American edition, 1898
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Original title
Kinder- und Hausmärchen

Also known as
Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales; Children's and Household Tales

Publication history
First edition, two volumes, 86 and 70 stories, 1812 and 1815;
second edition, three volumes, 170 stories, 1819 and 1822;
third edition, 1837;
fourth edition, 1840;
fifth edition, 1843;
sixth edition, 1850;
seventh edition, 210 stories, 1857

Literary form

Folk tales, fables, fairy tales, fantasy

Writing language

Authors' country

Seventh edition approx. 325,000 words

Notable lines

In olden times, when wishing still did some good, there lived a king whose daughters were all beautiful, but the youngest was so beautiful that the sun itself, who, indeed, has seen so much, marveled every time it shone upon her face.

— First line, "The Frog King, or Iron Henry"

She had scarcely spoken it before the cat sprang on her, seized her, and swallowed her down. You see, that is the way of the world.

— "The Cat and Mouse in Partnership"

On the way, the doves picked out one eye from each of them. When returning, they changed places, and the doves picked out the other eye of each, so they were for their wickedness and falsehood both punished with blindness during the rest of their lives.

— Last line, "The Frog King, or Iron Henry"


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